Quiz and Survey WordPress Plugin

A WordPress plugin for quickly and easily creating quizzes and surveys through CSV.


Main Features

Simple and clean design

Intuitive interface, easy to use.

Import from CSV

Import questions ( or and answers) from a CSV file to create a quiz/survey.

Demo CSV file download

A Demo CSV file is provided for your reference.

Radio and checkobx questions

Support single-choice and multiple-choice questions.

Satisfication surveys

Support specifying an value to indicate satisfication level for each option.

Anyone can respond

Allow setting unlogged-in users to take quizzes/surveys.

How it works

Create a quiz/survey

Creating a quiz is very simple. Choose a CSV file and import, then a quiz will be created which you can see in the quiz list. Creating a survey is similiar.

1. Create a file in Excel and save it as a CSV file:

Quiz CSV

2. Create a quiz by importing the CSV file:

New Quiz

Quiz list

Quiz list shows front pages, taken count and operations of all the quizzes.

Quiz List

Take a quiz/survey

Click a quiz title in the quiz list, it is redirect to the taking quiz page.

Take Quiz


Quiz Report

Click a quiz's "View Reports" button in the quiz list to see the detailed results.

Quiz Report

How to use

To create a quiz or survey, you just need to create a CSV file.

Quiz CSV File

You may create an Excel file and save it as a CSV file. A CSV file for a quiz contains one or more questions, one question is defined in one line, except the first line is used as column titles. Its structure is as below:

SC or MCtitleoption11 or 0

Each line contains three fixed columns for defining the question part, the following columns are used to define its options, one option takes two column.


No.Question number, can be leaved as empty
TypeQuestion type, value can be SC (Single-Choice) or MS (Multiple-Choice)
TitleQuestion title
OptionOption title
IsAnswerSpecifies whether the option is correct
1 indicates yes
0 indicates no
...More options


"Geography Knowledge Quiz.csv" file for a quiz with the file name as its quiz title:

SCWhich is the largest island in the world?Madagascar0New Guinea0Greenland1
MCWhat are the plants native to the Americas?Chili peppers1Tomatoes1Potatoes1
MCWhich are the countries that cross the equator?Ecuador1Brazil1The Maldives and Indonesia.1


You don't need to fill all the titles in the first line, they are used to make it easy to read.

Survey CSV File

A CSV file for a survey is similar to that for a quiz. The difference is an option is defined by "Option" and "Value" columns instead of "Option" and "IsAnswer".

OptionOption title
ValueSpecifies an integer value for the option
- For normal surveys, just set it as 1
- For satisfaction surveys, set a number indicating a satisfaction level for the option


MCWhich social platforms do you use?Facebook1Twitter1Youtube1Other1


Import failed for "The csv file is not UTF-8 encoded"

The imported CSV files needs to be UTF-8 encoded. You may use Notepad++ to convert the CSV to UTF-8:

Notepad++ > Encoding > Convert to UTF-8.

Import failed for "Please check the columns count"

Make sure that each line has 3 fixed columns and even columns for options.

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  1. Hi GloomyCorner this is a great plugin, I have a question how to put a survey or qwiz on a selected page. Can it be done with shortcode or some code?

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