Quiz and Survey

Quiz and Survey is a WordPress plugin for creating quizzes and surveys in a easy and quick way.

With Quiz and Survey, you can create new quizzes and surveys by importing data from CSV files.

How to use?

It is easy to start, use a CSV file to crate a new quiz or survey.

Below is a CSV file for a quiz:

No. Type Title Option IsAnswer
SC Which is the largest island in the world? Madagascar 0 New Guinea 0 Greenland 1 Kalimantan 0
MC What are the plants native to the Americas? Chili peppers 1 Tomatoes 1 Potatoes 1 Wheat 0
MC Which are the countries that cross the equator? Ecuador 1 Brazil 1 The Maldives and Indonesia. 1 Malaysia 0


  • No., its content can be left empty.
  • Type, its value must be SC (Single Choice) or MC (Multiple choices).
  • Title, the question’s title.

The subsequent columns are used to specify options of a question, a option contains 2 columns:

  • Option, option title.
  • IsAnswer, its value must be 1 or 0 which indicates whether the option is the correct option or not.

You don’t need to fill all the titles of columns, in fact the plugin will parse the columns according to the order showed above automatically.

The CSV file for a survey is similar:

No. Type Title Option OptionValue
MC What do you drink at breakfast? Milk 1 Coffee 1 Tea 1 Other 1

The difference is the column of OptionValue is used to specify a integer value for the option. It is useful if you create a satisfaction survey . For other surveys, just set this column to 1 which indicates each option has the same weight.