Fixing WordPress update error: The checksum of the file (xxx) does not match the expected checksum value ()

If you are getting the following error when you trying to update WordPress. Then try the solutions listed in the article.

Downloading update from…

Download failed.: The checksum of the file (xxx) does not match the
 expected checksum value ().

Installation Failed

1. Check disk space and permissions

The two most probable situations you need to check are:

  • Check disk space. You are probably running out of the disk space. If you are on a Linux server, run df -h to check the available space.
  • Check permissions. When you are updating WordPress on the dashboard by clicking Update now button, the user is that one who is running the Web server. Make sure that user have write permission to the WordPress core files. See the tutorial on Changing File Permissions for more information,

2. Restart your Web server

If neither of the situations mentioned above is your problem, and you’ve updated WordPress successfully the last time, and nothing seemed to have been changed afterwards, just try to restart your web server. Then update again.

3. Update via WP-CLI

If no luck once again, maybe you can attempt to update WordPress through WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface). Getting started to use WP-CLI is very simple, just download a phar file on the server, make it executable. Then you are ready to use it. And some WordPress in has been shipped with WP-CLI.

# Update to the latest WordPress version
$ wp core update

# Or you can update to a specified version,
# and/or with a zip file you have downloaded already.

# Update WordPress to latest version of 3.8 release
$ wp core update --version=3.8 ../

# Update WordPress to 3.1 forcefully
$ wp core update --version=3.1 --force

More about wp core update and downloading the WordPress zip

Download the latest WordPress zip (or tar.gz) file.

See more about wp core update:

If you see “Error: Another update is currently in progress.”, you may need to run wp option delete core_updater.lock after verifying another update isn’t actually running.

Make sure you have write permissions to the WordPress core files and the updated file can be written by the Web server user (who are running the Web server) afterwards.

A simple method is to execute update command as the root user. This will make the files updated to be owned by the root, you need to reset the ownership and restart the Web server to take effect. What we do here is just to make Web server user have write permissions to these files, remember that.

# Update WordPress as the root
$ sudo wp core update --allow-root

# Reset the ownership to the user who runs the Web server.
$ sudo chown -R <web server user> <wordpress path>

4. Manual update

If all the above solutions do not work for you, mannual update can be a last resort for your.