A Full WordPress Plugin Example — Custom Post Type, Shortcode, Widget, Custom Posts Table Columns, Settings, Uninstall

In the tutorial, you will see how to write a small and all-inclusive WordPress plugin step by step. In the plugin we will crate custom post type, shortcode, widget, custom columns of list table, a settings/options page, an uninstall page, etc. You may also use this plugin as a scratch to create your own one.

We break the whole process down into 6 relatively independent parts according to the techniques used. In the part 1, we will create a basically available plugin with which you can create a custom post type, edit it, and display it in the front page. We will add new features to the plugin in the subsequent parts.

If you are just interested in a particular part, you are free to go to that section directly without going through the whole process.

Before you start, we assumed that you’ve already have a basic understanding of topics on WordPress plugin. If you haven’t, see “WordPress Plugin Handbook” series of tutorials.

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